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A website builder for the Decentralized Web

The future of the Internet

Decentralization has been a core design element of the Internet since it began. This was essential to its success, ensuring it could survive unexpected disasters and partial system failures. The development of the World Wide Web made the Internet democratized, and as a result, individuals around the world began to create web pages, most of which were static. This was known as Web 1, where websites were primarily hosted on free web hosting services or ISP-run web servers.

As with any growing industry, commercialization became prevalent. Social media platforms saw widespread adoption. Websites started to emphasize advanced usability and interoperability for end users. Enter Web 2, where distributed systems such as cloud computing arose, and a small number of corporations began to monopolize the Internet. Although these innovations have progressed the Web to where it is today, we have lost the vital aspect of decentralization. Data is the most valuable resource of our generation, and the vast majority of it is owned by the largest technology companies in the world. Not only does this create central points of failure for the Web, but it enables these corporations to have complete control over one of the most powerful and influential technologies that exists in our time.

We are beginning the migration to Web 3, a decentralized, distributed, open Web for everyone, regardless of location or financial status. The innovations that are being made with cryptocurrency, blockchain, and peer-to-peer projects are giving us the opportunity to recreate the Internet with a new set of values and solutions for humanity. Konjure acts as a portal for these new technologies, enabling anyone to build a presence on this new Web, free from both government and corporate authority.

We're forging a new type of website builder that streamlines the process from site creation to hosting on a peer-to-peer network. In just a few clicks, users can have their very own blog, shop, or personal website on the Decentralized Web, and take advantage of our KONJ utility token throughout our ecosystem. This offers a faster, more secure environment where users have full ownership over their data.



The Konjure network is maintained by our community of nodes, operated by individuals around the globe. Website files are served by the closest available peers, and there are no physical servers to act as single points of failure. This ensures that DDoS attacks, hardware malfunctions, and data center conflicts are issues of the past. Website downtime will become a distant memory.

Web Hosting Costs

By choosing to allocate a set limit of CPU, memory, and network speed, users can run a node and become part of the file storage system. In return, they receive KONJ as a reward, which can be used to host their website and be spent throughout the ecosystem. This model disrupts the web hosting industry, allowing users to allocate their spare resources to cut the costs of hosting their own website.


Acting as a portal to the Decentralized Web, Konjure empowers anyone to build an online presence free from both government and corporate authority. Not even the core Konjure development team has access to modify user websites. As the sole owners of their data, users in all parts of the world can speak freely without any chance of censorship.


On existing website builders you are forced to either use a template that is already live on a multitude of other websites, or hire a developer to design a custom theme for you, which can be costly. Konjure GEN will enable users to procedurally generate websites based on their industry, preferred style, color scheme, and other suggestions. This ensures that each new design is unique and built specifically for the user.

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