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Development Overview

Konjure will be making many innovations on traditional website builders. By developing our platform in stages with strict deadlines, we keep our community in the loop.

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Primary Innovations


Procedural Generation

Rather than starting from a theme or template that's been used by thousands of other people, each Konjure website will be generated, from scratch, based on the details you provide.


Machine Learning

By incorporating artificial intelligence into our platform, Konjure will constantly learn from your website performance and audience behavior, then provide suggestions based on this data.

Development Stages

Konjure Framework

The backbone of Konjure website design, including Konjure UI


Konjure Ecosystem

A layer on top of IPFS containing all Konjure nodes and sites


Konjure Gateway

A feature-packed website builder with our GEN tech, AI, and more

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Decentralized Network

Konjure websites will automatically be deployed and hosted on our IPFS network. Users can set up nodes to help run our ecosystem, and in return they will receive KONJ tokens to use throughout the platform.

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Developer Bazaar

Using the Konjure API, developers will be able to create plugins and list them on our Bazaar. Users can purchase these plugins, which unlock new features, using the KONJ token.

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