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What is Konjure?

Konjure is a new type of website builder for the Decentralized Web. Our goal is to streamline the process for site creation, whether that be a blog, shop, or personal website, to hosting on a peer-to-peer network.

What is the KONJ token?

The KONJ token will be the backbone to our ecosystem model, providing an incentivized system for users to engage with features on Konjure including the Network Nodes and Bazaar. It also acts as a platform-wide currency that enables users to interact with an open marketplace consisting of commerce-driven Konjure Shops.

How can I obtain KONJ?

Inside of our dApp, users will be able to run a node and get rewarded with KONJ tokens, giving them the opportunity to host their website and purchase plugins for free.

What sets you apart from other website builders?

By taking advantage of the various new Decentralized Web projects being funded, we will deploy websites directly onto our IPFS network in just a few clicks. Compared to centralized hosting, websites will be cheaper, faster, censorship-resistant, and more secure. Striving to be a truly decentralized project in the future, not even Konjure will have the ability to modify your website.

The second primary innovation we're making is our website generation technology. We're throwing out themes and templates, and replacing them with procedurally generated designs based on your input. This way, you will have a completely unique website to start from that has never been seen before.

What is the Bazaar?

Konjure's Bazaar is a marketplace where developers can sell plugins. These are features that are not included in the website builder by default. Premium (paid) plugins are purchased using KONJ. Konjure is a sandbox; other companies and individuals will be building plugins on the ecosystem just like we are now.


Why create Konjure LLC in Wyoming?

As a team based in the United States, we decided that a Limited Liability Company registered in the most cryptocurrency-friendly state would be ideal. As we progress through our funding rounds, we will be establishing The Konjure Foundation in Switzerland, where the development of our website builder will take place.

The following proposals were recently signed into law in Wyoming, directly benefiting Konjure:

  • HB 70: The Utility Token Bill - by providing specific requirements to classify as a Utility Token, Wyoming is tackling the ambiguity surrounding what defines these tokens. This bill offers clear guidelines for KONJ to adhere to in order to avoid being classified as a security.

  • HB 101: The Blockchain Fillings Bill - enables the creation and use of blockchain technology for (i) the purpose of storing records, (ii) the use of a network address to identify a corporation’s shareholder, and (iii) the acceptance of shareholder votes signed by network signatures.

  • SF 111: The Crypto Property Tax Exemption Bill - ensures that virtual currencies are not subject to taxation as property in Wyoming.
  • What type of websites will be able to be created?

    With our plugin marketplace, the possibilities for what types of websites you'll be able to create in the future are endless. At launch, Konjure will create features specifically for shops, blogs, and personal websites.

    How will websites be generated?

    Our first stage of development is Konjure UI, a user-interface framework that our websites are built with. When creating a website, Konjure will ask for information such as your industry, color scheme, preferred style, and much more. This teaches our machine learning technology about your project and lets it tailor a design specifically for you.

    Once you're satisfied with your starting point, you'll be able to modify your website further with simple drag and drop functionality.

    How many KONJ tokens are there?

    At our Token Generation Event, 750,000,000 KONJ tokens will be created. KONJ cannot be mined.

    Which decentralized network will you use?

    Konjure is working with IPFS for static website content and delivery, and Cardano for our dApp, token, and computing.

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